SagePASTEL Software

Despite the many different Software Applications available in the market, it is still rare to find one that meets the absolute business needs of companies or organizations with very specific requirements. Take advantage of our online features such as Online Client Support, online service request in to make you ICT and SagePASTEL Software Support experience even better.

ICT Appliance supply

We are the Sole Appointed distributor of fastest growing and reliable brand of computer and peripherals in Tanzania. We offer Services in Computers Software and Hardware Supplies, Servers, Printers, Photocopiers, and UPSs and Support the Network.

Support and Maintenance

We Offer Consulting Services in Design, Evaluation of System/Connectivity Solutions and System Integration to meet client’s needs: We cover Fixed, Wireless, Satellite and Fiber Optics Projects with an Emphasis on Broadband (high data capacity) Connectivity.

The arrival of the Internet has drastically changed the way we operate and conduct our businesses. The demand for easy and fast access to information has brought about many online services that propagated the need for an online presence.

We advise on critical components of ICT capabilities of a client on the basis of software applications, enabling platforms, network optimization, security translations, hosting and cost of ownership of networked solutions.

We help our clients identify and manage the various business risks facing their organization, by providing a common language for understanding and analyzing risks and using a proven Integrated Business Risk Management Framework.

We live in the Information Age where information plays an essential role. Our daily lives are constantly affected by the flow of information. In everything from basic transactions over the counter to the more complex processes on the Internet, information is the key.

Goal definition

Our goal is to promote innovative projects on the use of ICTs for economic and social development to clients in Tanzania. Utilizing its unparalleled knowledge of local market conditions and key players.


BERITH has extensive market research and analysis capabilities. We carefully plans the research with the client and comprehensively analyses the results to produce accurate and timely reports


Our effective performance is a result of the mix of business and technology skills that we apply to client engagements. We provide an integrated business solution rather than simply a technical one.

Our Clients

Berith is the door way to our network of more than 60 Clients across Tanzania and regionally, and your Sage Support experience with us begins here.